Keynes o Prices and Production Hayeka

Michał Gamrot


Czytam właśnie artykuł Where Keynes Went Wrong autorstwa Davida Glasnera z Uneasy Money, gdzie natknąłem się na genialny hejt Keynsa na Hayeka. Zawsze wiedziałem, że był to genialny przykład ówczesnego hejtu wśród ekonomistów, ale nigdy nie widziałem go w całości.

Oto co napisał Keynes:

The reader will perceive that I have been drifting into a review of Dr Hayek’s Prices and Production. And this being so, I should like, if the editor will allow me, to consider this book a little further. The book, as it stands, seems to me to be one of the most frightful muddles that I have ever read, with scarcely a sound proposition in it beginning with page 45, and yet it remains a book of some interest, which is likely to leave its mark on the mind of the reader. It is an extraordinary example of how, starting with a mistake, a remorseless logician can end up in Bedlam. Yet Dr. Hayek has seen a vision, and though when he woke up he has made nonsense of his story by giving the wrong names to the objects which occur in it, his Khubla Khan is not without inspiration and must set the reader thinking with the germs of an idea in his head.

John Maynard Keynes, The Pure Theory of Money: A Reply to Dr. Hayek, Economica 13:34 (November), s. 387-97.